Бизнес Партньорство
Business Club Negociland
Dispercing doubts about the effectiveness of the collective business in Europe 
Бизнес Kлуб

Business Partnership - Joint Venture - Business Development

Business Club Negociland aims to unite the efforts of entrepreneurs, experienced and beginner businesspersons and investors to implement new ideas and expand existing business projects.Consider the importance of an objective and impartial evaluation of each new business idea, our intention is to take decisions after detailed debate for any business proposal and the manner of its implementation, following all legal procedures. Respecting all club members, we consider for acceptable the situation when a businessman is entrepreneur in his own business and investor or partner in other business.
The Business club starts originally in Palma de Mallorca and Varna, defining its structure with the prospect of continued development on a national and international scale,based on innovative ideas,proven successful business practices and the long experience of the founders of the club.We consider that there are all prerequisites, thanks to which all club members can benefit from both-positive and negative experiences of its participants.
The formal establishment of the club and the updating of  his members is done on meetings, where generally are specified the rules and the actions taken for any project or new idea.Actually the structure of the club consists in two levels created to meet the interests of each participant, namely, whether if the club member wishes to realise his specific business idea or to develop his existing business and on the other hand- members of the club who have a large and diverse interests,related to collective business, financing and cooperation.
The Participation in the club is free for all approved candidates.

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